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53rd Anniversary  1964 - 2017


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This Site was last updated on 18-04-2017 .

NEWSFLASH...........Last Sundays Seal Trip Photos and videos can be viewed below...........There is a Work Party this Saturday 22nd April at 10am...Meet on the North Bank...... .......... ..

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Grove Ferry Boat Club was founded in 1964.You will find the clubhouse, dating from the early seventies, on the south bank of the River Great Stour, (the second largest river in Kent) It lies just below the Grove Ferry Bridge, some 8 miles east of Canterbury. The Bridge replaced the old ferry in 1963.

We are an active boat club with various events, water activities, organized cruises in company, boat exercises etc. and with barbecues and other activities at Red House Marsh. (Our picnic facility some 4.5 miles downstream)

The Ferry Inn on the North Bank is also open on Sunday afternoons throughout the year between 2.30pm and 4.30pm. (Except bank holiday weekends & Club Events) and all are welcome for tea, coffee and the odd cake, along with a little social banter!

The club has some 30 moorings on the north Bank and we have developed storage & facilities for dinghies, canoes etc. in our compound, and we now have easy launching facilities with the slipway on the north bank.

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The Trip to the Seals Sunday 9th April 2017

Here are some terrific photos and videos of the Seal Trip . Click on each photo to enlarge the view. Click, Save & Open on the videos.





"2016 Trophy Winners
Last years Trophy winners which were announced at our Club's Xmas dinner at the Dog & Duck were
Maurice Burton Shield.....Luke Norris
Ladies Cup.....Sheila Tanson
Best Dressed Boat....Terry & Jacqui Robb for Cloud Nine's Xmas Lights
Longest Journey.....Alan Foad with Just Nimbus..600 miles to Paris
Congratulations to you all.

NAVIGATION WARNING. Minster Bridge upgrade, the obstruction has moved and is now under the bridge on the North side which will be on your port side arriving from Redhouse. Boats arriving from Sandwich will now have the obstruction on your side of the river. Whichever direction you are approaching from please sound a warning as boats arriving at the bridge at the same time will be a problem as craft coming from Sandwich will be on the wrong side of the river and as it is a blind bend will leave little room for manouever. Please approach dead slow, listen for a warning and make sure you allow for the tide which for one of you will be on your stern. It is hoped that the work will finish in the next few weeks.

If you are parking in the Grove Ferry Picnic Site Car Park and have a Blue Badge then we understand that you now have to apply to the KCC for a new permit. We believe the cost is £3 and you have to give the KCC your Car registration number. Please contact KCC on 0300 0417272 for more information.


Notice Number 11 - 2016,  9th November 2016
Dangerous Wreck

Mariners are advised that a Dangerous Wreck has been revealed in position 51° 18.63 N  001° 25.12 E.   This is 4 cables (0.4 of a mile) 207° True from the West Quern Buoy.  Exposure is likely due to sand movements in the area.  Extreme caution is required as this wreck is just south east of the straight line course between the West Quern and B2, though on the beginnings of the Cross Ledge shoals.

Notice Number 10 - 2016, 26th October 2016

New Buoy

Mariners are advised that a new Starboard Hand unlit Seasonal Buoy has been established close WSW of the Isolated danger Mark in Pegwell Bay.  This marks the westerly extending mud bank from that mark.
Signed Colin Carr  Harbour Master

Please be aware that if you are travelling down river towards Sandwich the Railbridge on the bend before the power station has reduced access due to the erection of scaffolding. Unfortunately, road signs have been used which is giving incorrect information. Please proceed with caution and use the necessary sound signals (one long blast as you are approaching a blind bend or 3 short blasts if you have to reverse) to warn other craft and worforce of your intensions and to ensure that they know that you are there. Please remember that craft running with the tide have right of way and you must give way to these vessels. If there is no tide running then the vessel travelling down river has priority. Further updates will be passed on to you as soon as we receive them.

River estuary navigation marks new survey dated 24th May 2016

Mariners are advised that since the last survey of the estuary on 12th March 2016 there have been significant changes to the general course of the river inward to the Isolated Danger Mark. Inward No 3 Starboard Hand buoy is missing from station (believed deliberately set adrift) while the river has moved away markedly from buoys Nos 5 and 7 (the next Starboard Hand buoys inward). Port Hand Buoys. No. 2 buoy is now around 40 meters south of the river edge at LW. No. 4 buoy now marks the Starboard side of the river and No. 6 buoy is not as close to the edge of the river as it should be by about 10 meters. The Port Hand Buoy opposite the Isolated Danger Mark is now in the middle of the river. Mariners should pass this buoy close to on the correct side to avoid the developing mud bank projecting out from the Isolated Danger Mark. The new channel that formed linking Pepperness Buoy and Buoy No. 5 has moved south at its eastern end. Buoy No. 5 is now to the north of this new channel. It is on a bearing from / to Pepperness Buoy of 130 deg T/310 deg T. This channel carries insufficient water at LW to float even the smallest craft. Small craft should be able to creep in on the first of the flood when the river banks can be seen, but larger craft should not attempt it until at least 2 hours before HW. It is essential and fundamental that close attention be paid to whatever sounding apparatus is carried and navigate with care. Trinity House is to be given the Statutory one months notice of buoyage changes enabling movement of marks to take place.
Signed Captain Colin Carr Harbour Master

Click here for 2016 map of the entrance to Sandwich.

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Sandwich Bridge Contact Number for opening is now as follows
Tel No 01843 585624


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